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What we offer you

​​​​Special ​Facilities

  • Worlds latest dermastamp technology fot fast & effective hair growth & skin beautification treatments
  • Body mass indexing (BMI)
  • Sphygmomanometry
  • Otoscopy
  • Auriscopy
  • Lung function testing by respirometer
  • Breathing exerciser to increase lung capacity & volume
  • Nebulisation for instatnt asthma relief
  • Skin examination by electro microscope / dermascope.
  • Hair & scalp examination by trichoscope
  • Laser therapy for hair fall control
  • Dermaroller & Dermastamp treatment for new hair growth,skin lightening,skin glowing,skin hydration,skin rejuvenation,spot removal,stretch mark removal,acne scar removal,antiageing etc.
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  • World class homeopathic & Cosmetic  beauty treatment​​ s
  • Latest invented cosmetological technology for hair fall control,new hair growth,skin lightening,skin glow,spot removal,scar removal,stretch mark removal,antiageing treatment.
  • Deep acting medicines to prevent recurrence of diseases
  • Home visit (on call services)
  • Nutritional & diet guidance for each condition
  • A vast range of newly invented homeopathic medicine's collection
  • Latest technologies & machines used for proper diagonosis.
  • Total healthcare including consultation, testing, procedures & medicines at a very affordable price