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best pcod treatment in kolkata

Pcod is a burning problem nowadays in women specially young females which leads to various conditions in body.often women think that those conditions are results of different diseases which compels them to panic & run towards different specialists doctors.as a result they end up consuming a whole lot of medicines without a satisfactory result.in this scenario homeopathy plays an important part which addresses the original problem, as a result those different symptoms also comes under control & patients get rid of all the troubles.

Conditions that arises due to Pcod :

1. Hairfall

2. Hair Thinning

3. Oily scalp & skin

4. Acne & Pimples

5. Skin pigmenations

6. Irregular menstrual cycle

7. Menstrual cramps

8. Scanty menses

9. Facial & body hairs

10. Weight gain

11. Infertility

Causes of Pcod :


1. Hormonal imbalance

2. Genetic

Top 3 Myths about Pcod :

1. Pcod cant be cured, it can only be controlled?

Ans : Pcod is fully curable with Homeopathy Medicines.

         See the proofs below.

2. Pcod is caused due to weight gain?

Ans : Infact weight gain is caused due to pcod.

3. Contraceptive pills can control Pcod?

Ans : Contraceptive pills have no function on ovary.

         It can only induce anovulatory mentrual cycle.

Top 5 homeopathic Medicines for Pcod :

1. Apis mel

2. Lachesis

3. Thuja

4. Calcarea carb

5. Ovarinum

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